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Kevin Helt
Kevin Helt has been racing in all forms of motorsports, building and maintaining his race equipment since 1984. He has worked in the aircraft field for about 12 years in Quality Assurance before going to work for Nmotion Race Technology in early 2004 as a dyno technition and engine builder. In 2005 Kevin became an owner and took over the parts manager position where he made many contact in the motorcycle and atv industry which has proven to be very beneficial to Nmotion. Kevin is experienced in most of the day to day operations at Nmotion where he has taken an active role in managing Nmotion.
2008-10-01 15:56:00
Where to go for a nice ride
Answer: Here in Kansas you can expect to see beautiful landscapes with wheat fields, wild flowers, and a lot of beautiful scenery everywhere. There is a lot of beauty out there for us to enjoy so get out and ride and take it all in. If you like beautiful landscapes you will want to stop dozens of times along this route and take in all the splendor - There are more scenic things than you could see in a month so take your time and see what there is along the way - This is a full days ride, but you and your friends could make this a weekender providing you took the amenities to make it work (tents, sleeping bags, food and water etc.). Motorcycle Road Quality All really good paved roads with straight stretches, many hills and lots of curves. Motorcycle Roadside Amenities There are hundreds of places to stop and take in the beauty with several state parks & fishing lakes if you want to rest awhile or camp out or have a picnic. Several restaurants and gas stations are along the way with an abundance of beauty for the eyes and soul. Starting in Goddard, go south on “199th St. W” to Clearwater proceed east on “W 103rd St. South” to the old US81 and go south to Route 53. Then take that east to Mulvane, now go southwest on Route 15 thru Udall to US77 and then go south to Route 8 where you will head east to CR 156, take a right (go south) around Winfield Lake to Route 4, and head east to Burden to eat and gas up. After a short break, you can now head North on Route 5 (you may have to head back west on Route 4 to get to Route 5) thru Atlanta to the Claycenter Junction. After passing through the junction head east on SE 210th St to Latham, South on SE Quivera Road to Cambridge and then East on US160 all the way to Moline, then take Route 99 North to Eureka. You’ll want to go west out of US54 West to Rosalia and then North to Cassoday and this could be another place to take a break, and gas up. After another short break process west on NE 150th street to Newton, NW on old 81 to Hesston then west on CR 556 to Buhler and Medora and then continue Southwest on Route 61 to Hutchinson. Go south on Route 96 to Mount Hope then go south on “N 247th St. W” thru Andale and back to Goddard. This is a beautiful full day ride so be sure to take plenty of water and some energy snacks. Another good one is in the heart of the Flint Hills and in the last remnants of the tall grass Prairie riders can expect green rolling hills as far as the horizon, occasional rocky stream beds, and historic rural America. Start your route in Cassoday, KS and take K-177 North. Travel through Matfield Green and Cottonwood Falls, turn left at Strong City towards Council Grove. At Council Grove turn right on Main Street and left at the first light, continue North on K-177 and into the route’s endpoint of Manhattan, KS. Easy access to I-70 lies nine miles south of Manhattan. A special note most of this route is registered as a Kansas Scenic Byway. If you would like to make more of a day out of it you should camp at Corps of Engineers campgrounds along Council Grove Lake, or stay at the Cottage House Bed and Breakfast in Council Grove, then use the day to hike at the National Park Services’ Tall Grass National Prairie, or enjoy the history of the Santa Fe Trail in Cottonwood Falls! Traveling during the Fall you can catch the beautiful autumn prairie as the trees, and other foliage turns colors for the most breath taking view around.
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