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Nate Evans
Nate Evans is a 4th generation owner and operator of Evans Motors located in Pittsburg and Girard. Evans Motors has been in business and serving the area since 1935. For more information call 1-888-414-3890 or visit www.evansmotors.net.
Cars, Trucks, Vans & Automotive
2010-10-01 11:45:00
Best time to buy?
Answer: Although there are lots of theories as to when to buy a car, truck or van, only a few have any real impact for the buyer. First, Let’s dispel a few of the myths. Weekends are Better: Many believe that buying on a weekend is a best bet because dealerships go into “high gear” trying to meet quotas. While there may be some truth to that, weekends are also the time when most dealerships see the highest number of buyers, which reduces any urgency. Rainy Days: Another big myth is that rainy days are prime for car buying. The assumption is that the dealerships are hungry for a sale when weather is keeping buyers at home. Again, while this may have some truth, you also look like a desperate buyer if you are braving the torrent and the seller may not be willing to negotiate as much as you like. Holidays: Since the holidays are generally slow in sales, many people assume that dealers are more anxious to sell off inventory. However, most dealerships cut inventory, to prepare for the holiday season. Just Before Closing: The idea is that if you go in just before closing, dealerships will want to seal the deal and go home. This theory may have you out late shopping with very little, if any, pay off. Be ready for a late night, because there is always someone willing to negotiate into the late night hours. So, is any time better than another to buy a car? Yes. But it isn’t always as simple as going in on a weekend. Predictive TMV: Know the vehicle’s current true market value before you buy. There are websites that feature car-buying experts who have come up with a strategic way to determine the best time to buy a car. It’s called “Predictive” True Market Value (TMV) pricing and it forecasts the likelihood of a price change — whether prices are going up or down — of the current models available. Since many variables, such as incentives and prior transaction prices, can lead to a lower TMV price. End of the Month: Also, be sure to check out Deals of the Month. Some dealerships offer deals on cars they want to clear off the lot. Additionally, auto dealerships chart their sales on a monthly basis, and the end of the month may offer a better deal if a salesperson is trying to meet a monthly quota. September: New model years begin appearing in the fall making September an ideal month to get a deal on last year’s model. All in all, find a salesperson that is open and honest with you, there really is no big secret as to when to buy a car. If it fits your budget and its the vehicle you’re looking for, it should be in your best interest to buy it and the dealerships best interest to sell it to you. More next month...
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