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Zach Adams
Zach Adams is the marketing manager for Craw-Kan Telephone Cooperative. Craw-Kan offers cooperative members security systems, local telephone, long distance, high speed internet, digital cable television, IP television and cellular phone service. Zach can be contacted directly at Craw-Kan (620)724-8235 or by emailing zach@ckt.net.
2010-11-01 13:31:00
Are security systems necessary for businesses?
Answer: You did not mention what kind of business you and your brother are starting, but I can give you an answer that I think will help. There are several reasons why security cameras are a good idea to have no matter what type of business. If you have a large or expensive product inventory, you will want to protect it. Even if that inventory is insured, loss or damage can set you back several days in a time when many businesses survive on a very small profit margin. Additionally, many insurance companies have reduced rates for those who utilize security systems, which offsets the cost of the system. Another good reason to have some form of security system is that visible systems are known to deter crime on site and the general area. While we may not have to worry as much about that here, as in more populated areas, it is still something to consider. For example, outdoor security cameras are known to reduce loitering which in turn reduces the incidence of crime. Protection against litigation is another reason to consider keeping a security system on your list. One false claim against a small business can send it under in a hurry. Unfortunately, there are those willing to make a false injury claims against businesses, seeing it as a “victimless” crime. Placing cameras both indoors and outdoors serve as a huge deterrent against such crimes. Security cameras also provide your clients or customers with a sense of protection. This may not seem like a huge benefit, but understanding that the ambiance you create has much to do with how secure they feel which enables them concentrate on your products or services. Over all, I would say since security systems are so affordable, and what you risk is far greater, opting out of a security system is not a good bet.
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