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Zach Adams
Zach Adams is the marketing manager for Craw-Kan Telephone Cooperative. Craw-Kan offers cooperative members security systems, local telephone, long distance, high speed internet, digital cable television, IP television and cellular phone service. Zach can be contacted directly at Craw-Kan (620)724-8235 or by emailing zach@ckt.net.
2010-12-01 13:07:00
Small business phone systems
Answer: Until very recently, full featured and sophisticated phone systems were out of reach to most small and medium businesses. Not only were they not affordable, scaled down versions of corporate phone systems just did not fit the purposes of small and medium businesses and were cumbersome. This made it very difficult for the small and medium businesses to make the leap in growth and compete with the larger companies. Fortunately, today even small companies have telecommunication options that allow them to function effectively and competitively. Technological advances have made it possible to employ comprehensive features on smaller systems, affordably. Every business, no matter the size, should have a phone system with the basic features that can properly support a business. Consider systems that have these options: •Voice over internet (VoIP, or IP telephony) options •Email, pager and fax message integration •Auto attendant to answer off hours calls or to capture calls when other lines are busy •Live call recording that allows you to record and archive important conversations. •Live call screening that allows you to see name and number of caller, as well as listen to any message they leave, live •Remote access to messages •Inter office voicemail options •Expandable and able to grow as the company grows An effective phone system is the key to success in any business. An effective phone system does not need to be complex. In fact, one that is overly complex can actually hinder the productivity of a company. A well-configured system will be able to meet your current needs efficiently and be able to expand as your needs increase.
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