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Ron Stokes
2011-02-01 13:36:00
Secrets for getting that job!
Answer: Let me start by telling you, you are not alone! Many people are experiencing the same struggles with finding gainful employment. Though maximizing your opportunities for getting hired requires a thorough process, I am going to provide some of the secrets I share with my clients. Secret #1: Always bring your “A Game.” Gone are days when you can apply for a position and plan on an interview because you have some experience in a given field. When working with my clients, I refer to the job market as “A Buyer’s Market.” This means employers are able to pick and choose who they want to consider, interview and hire. What does this mean to you? If you don’t bring your “A Game” to every step of the process you are likely to be left out of consideration. Secret #2: Prepare, Prepare, Prepare Many people do little preparation because they are not sure how they should be preparing. The first step in preparation is identifying all resources available for finding a job. Employment agencies, KansasWorks, employment consultants, job classifieds, online job listing sights and so on. Did you know approximately 30% of all available jobs are listed in the newspaper? Which means if this is the only place you are looking, you are missing opportunities’. The key to preparation is knowing who can help you and where to look for available jobs. Secret #3: Top notch Resume and Cover Letter. A proper and strategic resume and cover letter are very important for making a great first impression. If they are not well formatted, have poor grammar, or do not include information the employer needs you likely will not make it past the first round of consideration. What if the job you are applying for does not ask for a resume for cover letter? Submit a resume with your application anyway. Show the employer you will bring something extra to the job!
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