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Ron Stokes
2011-03-01 10:15:00
10 things smart job seekers do
Answer: There are many ways a person can gain an edge on their competition. A significant part of my service is breaking down which areas each of my customers need to improve in order to maximize their chances of getting the job they want. While I am very specific regarding the “how to’s” with my customers, I am going to provide a list of ways you can gain an edge in today’s employment market. 1.Know what types of jobs you are looking for. 2.Utilize all job listing sources. 3.Check for new jobs every couple of days. 4.Make contact with employers who are a natural fit for your skills. 5.Don’t get discouraged. 6.Fill out all applications neatly and completely. 7.Always provide a resume. 8.Dress to impress every time you are visiting that employer. 9.Spend some time putting yourself in the employers shoes. 10.If there is something negative about your past, be up front and honest. Remember, when looking for a job you have to remain consistent, be prompt and always stay positive. Keeping these 10 tips in mind will aid you in the search for your new job. When in doubt, reach out to an employment consultant to help get you going in the right direction to nail down your next position.
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