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Ron Stokes
2011-04-01 13:55:00
The fundamentals of hiring the right person
Answer: The basic answer to your question is: yes, there are good employee’s out there. I speak with many employers who struggle to make the right hiring decision. Although making the right decision is a detailed and strategic process, I believe three core characteristics must be present in every employee. First, the employee must be dedicated. As we work to build our respective businesses, we must surround ourselves with co-workers who will bring the same level of commitment as we do. We have all witnessed the negative impact one uncommitted employee can have on the workplace. Second, a new employee must be intelligent. The level of sheer intelligence can be relative to the position but it cannot be lower than the requirements of the position. It is unfair and unrealistic to believe staff members will be successful in a position in which they do not have the capacity to succeed. Third, the said intelligent employee must be willing to learn. We have all worked with that one person who is oozing with potential yet is clearly not willing to put in the work to be anything other than an average employee. I believe if you give me a person with these three characteristics I could do almost anything with them. These are the employees in which strong companies are built upon. If you desire growth and improvement within your company, these three core characteristics are an excellent place to start. All the best,
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