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Charlie Traffas
Charlie Traffas has been involved in marketing, media, publishing and insurance for more than 40 years. In addition to being a fully-licensed life, health, property and casualty agent, he is also President and Owner of Chart Marketing, Inc. (CMI). CMI operates and markets several different products and services that help B2B and B2C businesses throughout the country create customers...profitably. You may contact Charlie by phone at (316) 721-9200, by e-mail at ctraffas@chartmarketing.com, or you may visit at www.chartmarketing.com.
2011-07-01 08:19:00
Preparing for a safe 4th of July
Answer: The Fourth of July, a summer tradition celebrating our nation’s freedom and independence is one of the most beloved Holidays in America. Firing up the grill with family & friends on those hot summer nights, the smell of freshly cut lawns and, of course, fireworks make it a unique American celebration! In the fireworks industry, most celebrations include what is classified as safe and sane fireworks, like sparklers. When handled properly, fireworks can be a wonderful and memorable part of your celebration. However, if you do not want the fun to fizzle out, safety precautions should be put in place. Remember these pointers: •Follow all laws concerning fireworks for your city and county •Read the instructions on all products before you ignite them •Light them in a well cleared area, free from any other flammable materials •Use only outdoors •Use only in the manner intended •Do not use multiple products at one time •Keep all people at a safe distance from the lit product •Never reignite malfunctioning fireworks •Never aim in the direction of people, animals or structures •Handle Sparklers with care •Have buckets of water handy to place extinguished fireworks and for emergency •Keep fire extinguisher nearby It is also important to remember to be certain to have adult supervision even when handling sparklers. Like all others, sparklers need to be handled with respect. While they are safe, they are not toys and can burn at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Over 50% of injuries related to sparklers happen to children under the age of 14. We hope that your holiday is safe and spectacular!
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