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Dave Garretson
Dave Garretson is the owner of Flint Hills Spa And Billiards, LLC. Dave was born and raised in Wichita, Ks. He had his first store opened by 1975 and sold redwood hot tubs because plastic tubs were not available in that time. In 1978, he sold a share of the company to move to So. California and was a Manager for a manufacturing company there. Dave has many years of experience in the industry. Dave was the president of The International Spa and Hot Tub Association in 1987.
Hot Tubs & Spas
2011-09-26 10:41:06
Fall relaxation
A: Artesian Spas has been producing their quality line for 30-years and their product is sold only through qualified specialty retailers world wide. Artesian is privately owned by gentlemen with long and outstanding resumes in the industry. There are four distinctive product categories within the product range. The “Garden Series” is comprised of three models designed for tight spaces and seating for two. Each features a different seating configuration. This series operates on a standard 110 volt circuit thereby requiring no special wiring. Fill it and plug it in! The “South Seas Series” is a mid priced category with a very wide choice of models including lighting and water features. When moving into the Island and Platinum Elite Series you will experience a whole new dimension of spa jet therapy. The Artesian patented “Helix Jet System” is totally unique to the spa industry and is available only from Artesian. A typical spa jet delivers the water from the jet nozzle in a straight path of flow. When the water leaves the Helix Jet it is flowing in a right handed rotating (swirling) motion. These jets provide a low flow high volume feel, designed to work deeper into the muscle and tissue groups providing a true massage. All of the Island and Platinum Elite models conform to the California Energy Commission energy efficiency standards giving you the peace of mind that you are buying the most efficient tub available. Operating costs are minimal! With so many models, sizes, shapes and various features to ponder it would be impossible to address them all in this short message.
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