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Jerod Norris
Jerod Norris has resided in Southeast Kansas his entire life, growing up in Girard and graduating from Pittsburg State University. He has brought together and published in the print media industry for 5 years. He believes that local business owners are experts in their field and finds it very interesting in sharing their knowledge within custom publications. For more information or to become a part of the SE Kansas Q&A Times Journal, please call 620-249-7462 or email jnorris@chartmarketing.com.
From the Publisher
2011-10-06 08:20:05
Looking at 2011
Welcome to our February 2011 Issue of the SE Kansas Q&A Times Journal. Each month we do our best to get in-depth with business owners and managers to educate our audience over what it is they (and their business) actually "do". Sometimes the articles are technical, other times they are entertaining, and other times we get the opportunity to provide great local information that is rarely attainable from any other resource. As is the case this month. This month we hear from Blake Benson, Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce President as he provides us with an in-depth look at local businesses in 2010 and what’s in store for local businesses in 2011. You wouldn't believe what we have at our disposal, right here in our backyard! What about our local Real Estate market? Do you ever wonder the statistics on home and properties sold in our area? How does 2011 look for SE Kansas? Robert Cobb of Cobb Realty provides us with an in-depth look at what was in 2010 and what could be for 2011. In our area, many people have a vested interest in livestock. Do you know what Trichomoniasis is and how it can affect your herd? Dr. William Morland of Girard Animal Hospital explains how this disease is beginning to emerge as a problem in our area, and what can be done to prevent and/or treat the disease. This is merely a sample size of articles and information provided in each issue of the SE Kansas Q&A Times Journal. We are a community bringing the general public and business owners alike together in one publication. More than likely you will know one or more people involved in bringing this publication to your mailbox. Please support our advertisers, and feel free to voice your opinion on what we are bringing to the area. Enjoy the publication. Jerod Norris Publisher The SE Kansas Q&A Times Journal
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