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Jerod Norris
Jerod Norris has resided in Southeast Kansas his entire life, growing up in Girard and graduating from Pittsburg State University. He has brought together and published in the print media industry for 5 years. He believes that local business owners are experts in their field and finds it very interesting in sharing their knowledge within custom publications. For more information or to become a part of the SE Kansas Q&A Times Journal, please call 620-249-7462 or email jnorris@chartmarketing.com.
From the Publisher
2011-10-06 08:21:22
ATTENTION: Local Restaurant Owners, Retailers, and those that have a bargain!
Welcome to our March 2011 Issue of the SE Kansas Q&A Times Journal. Within these pages you will find a community of familiar, local faces bringing business owners and the general public together in an educational, interesting and interactive approach found nowhere else. I hope you join us inside. With this being a March Issue, it sure hasn't felt like "Spring" here locally. I hope everyone has overcome the recent winter storms (and that it's not snowing when you receive this) and I find you and yours doing well as we (hopefully) start seeing some nicer, more comforting weather... With that, I'd like to refer back to the title of this column and introduce you to the following... Crawford County Coupons If you're a business owner, or you know of a business that has a great bargain, special, or monthly discount on select items, meals, oil changes, apparel, whatever it may be - please contact me. Starting in April we will be presenting a section of this publication where you, the reader, can come to find great deals and bargains locally. This section will be dedicated to discounts or monthly specials of or in access of 20% - 50% off. You will come to find this section on a dedicated page each month, every month. This will be a space specifically designed to take advantage of discounted prices that local businesses have to offer. The SE Kansas Q&A Times Journal is directly distributed to every business and EVERY household with income in access of $25,000. Our total circulation in Crawford County is in excess of 9,600 businesses and residences, which is 31% more than the local daily paper’s circulation on ANY day of the week. These coupons can be 20% - 50% off on an item at a local store, a certain dollar off an oil change, great specials on lunch, dinner, you name it! FULL COLOR COUPONS, cost efficient to the business, beneficial to consumers, and directly mailed to our complete circulation at no cost to the reader. So if you are running a special or would like to simply "sample" what the Q&A Times can do for your business, let’s visit. As always, enjoy the publication and keep the feedback coming.
The Q & A Times Journal accepts no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts or photographs.Materials will not be returned unless accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Thank you.
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