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Jess Daniels
Jess Daniels is Manager of AGChoice of Hepler. For more information please call 620-368-4347.
2012-02-27 16:58:45
The future of fertilizing
A: MicroEssentials SZ (Mesz) is a state-of-the-art premium fertilizer designed to provide uniform nutrient distribution. By containing two forms of sulfur, 50 percent sulfate and 50 percent elemental, the product delivers all of the essential nutrients crops need in just one granule for season long nutrition. Mesz is specially formulized to be used on most crops, including corn, soy, wheat and rice. Each granule contains the perfect balance of nutrients, eliminating the common problems of nutrient segregation and uneven nutrient distribution. One of the most advantageous things about Mesz is that it interacts with the environment in relation to the growing season, so the crops get exactly what they need relative to the growing season and stage. The particular chemistry also improves nutrient uptake for better yield potential. In addition to versatility, having a complete product also saves bin storage space, which is always an advantage. Over all, farmers can expect increased efficiency which of course translates into increased profitability.
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