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Ruth Wegner
Ruth Wegner can do alterations on suits and gowns, and even makes these items. Ruth is Owner/Operator of Everything Sew Sew located at 1615 N Walnut, Pittsburg KS. She does everything from dress alterations, leather, to custom made items. For more information or to reach Ruth please call 620-235-1280. Prom Season hours: Tues, Wed, Fri 9-5pm, Thursdays from 9-8pm, Saturdays appointments only.
Sewing & Alterations
2012-02-28 12:30:16
How to make a prom dress swap work
A: Great idea! A dress swap is a great way to save money, reuse resources, and a perfect opportunity to let your creativity shine for a special event. In fact, dress swaps have increased significantly in popularity for these very reasons. To begin your swap and assure success, I recommend you include other area high schools in your swap. This will help make sure that the same dress is not worn to the same school event as worn by the former owner. In many cases this is not much of a problem especially after adding your own stylistic changes but a nice consideration just in case. Send out flyers to the local schools, use social media, and enlist the help of local merchants to get the word out. Next, consider including all the dresses you can find, including vintage ones. Vintage is all the rage right now, and vintage styles are very desirable. Even women without teens of their own may like to help out by donating some classic looks. Even if the dress is damaged in some small way, it still may be well worth finding out what it would take to fix the problem. There are many options in altering the sizes and styles of the dresses. The sides can be taken in to make it smaller, or the zipper removed, loops and laces can be added to enlarge or subtracted to reduce the bust and waist. If the dress is not quite the right size, do not rule it out as it may be a very simple change that gives her the dress of her dreams. Another way to give a dress new life is by adding elements. If it is strapless, it is possible to add straps. It is also possible to change the look by adding or removing layers to make the skirt more or less full. Just changing elements like adding sheer sleeves or sequins (shiny beads) gives the dress a beautiful new look. The hemline is another area where small changes can make a huge difference. Dresses can also be combined for a new one-of-a-kind look. The options are endless, and that it should be for such a special night.
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