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Connie McCune
Connie McCune and her husband Roger McCune are owners of Candy Bouquet and Candy Connection. Both have completed Candy Bouquet International training courses and are bouquet designers. In addition to Candy Bouquet International, they operate Candy Connection which is a “modern retro” candy store. ”Like” Candy Connection on Facebook.
Candy, Chocolate & Sweets
2012-04-20 08:17:52
Candy bar buffet
A: For this article, let us first clarify to our readers that we are talking about a candy “bar”, the buffet kind. The idea of the candy bar, or buffet in this case, has been around awhile but has recently caught on in a big way. Everyone from celebrities having spare-nothing events to those having a simple wedding with just a few friends are incorporating the hot wedding trend. One of the reasons why candy bars are stupendously popular is that you can express yourself through the choice of candy and containers. Here are few popular themes to get you started and spark your own creative juices: • Match the color of candy to your wedding colors. • Match candies to a particular theme like ones featured in movies, ones from a certain time period, different varieties of the same kind of candy- like chocolates or taffies. • Molded candies, are also popular because celebrants can make them into shapes that represent something significant and meaningful. Choose a theme and decide what feel you would like to express. Do you want it to look elegant, colorful, or retro? Once you have that in place, you choose the elements that take it from “aww’ to jaw dropping, and you can do that even on a limited budget. • Collect appropriate containers. Bigger containers with wide openings are preferable for access as well as drama. The containers do not need to look alike or be the same size, although ones in the same hue (if not clear) are best. Many people love the candy store jars but those can get quite costly. Great alternatives can be found in thrift stores, garage sales, or even borrowed from friends. • Presentation is everything. Treat your candy bar like a display, with different heights of interest. Perhaps flank each end with a dramatic candy bouquet, and incorporate rows of temptation and visual appeal. The choices do not need to be expensive, but creative display will enhance the effect. • Think out of the box to find your candy selection and you will save money. Buy candy in bulk and find less common choices, as they are generally more affordable. Remember, with popular candies, you are paying for the name as well as the candy. There may be alternatives that would help the budget go even further. • Remember the scoops and containers for guests to put their candy in. There are lots of affordable, colorful, and impressive container selections. Congratulations, I wish you all the best in your marriage!
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