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Eddie Walsh
Eddie Walsh is the Sales Manager for Evans Motors and has worked there for 28-years. He resides in Girard with his wife Christina of 24 years and daughter Alexandria. Eddie has lived in S.E. KS all of his life and has built a good customer base by being fair and sharing empathy with them. For more information or to reach Eddie please call 620-724-6457 or visit www.evansmotors.net.
Cars, Trucks, Vans & Automotive
2012-06-21 08:13:23
Say goodbye to the Chevy Avalanche
A: Unfortunately, the rumors are true as confirmed by General Motors recently. GM will end the 12-year run of the Avalanche concluding with the 2013 model. The Chevy Avalanche is a crew cab offered in 2WD crew cab 130” LS, 2WD Crew Cab 130” LTZ and the 4WD Crew Cab 130” LT and 4WD Crew Cab 130” LTZ. It has a 7,800-pound towing capacity. The vehicle hit the market in 2001 and reached the height of popularity in 2003 with 93,482 units. Over the last several years, sales of the Avalanche have slipped considerably with a record low of 16,432 in 2009. Sales rebounded slightly in 2010, but apparently not enough to save the once popular vehicle. Most probably, it is a victim of the economy as sales lagged with the rise in gas prices and the shaky fiscal climate. Many buyers are buying smaller, lighter weight utility vehicles. You are not alone in your zeal for the model, though. Over 33% of Avalanche sales are a repeat buyer, which suggests that once you have experienced it you become a devotee. With the announcement, GM explained that it just did not make sense to continue production of the model. They acknowledged that they had been trying to be all things to all people and corporate strategy going forward would be to focus on core vehicles and getting every detail right. I am with you.. It is a loss in the automotive lineup.
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