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Justin Crain
Justin Crain is VP / Treasurer of American Concrete Co., Inc., which is owned by his parents, Dennis and Jane Crain. American Concrete is celebrating its forty-first anniversary and Justin is the third generation to be involved with the family company. American Concrete was awarded the 2011 Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the year award. Justin is currently the President of the Kansas Ready Mix Concrete Association and is currently on the board of directors for the Mount Carmel Foundation as well as the Pittsburg Public Library Foundation. Please visit our website, www.americanconcreteco.net, or call 620.231.1520.
2012-08-01 14:51:35
How long should concrete cure?
A- Curing is process where the cement is kept under controlled environmental conditions until the process of hydration is complete. Cement requires time for the water to permeate the mixture and begin an exothermic chemical process during which it acquires the properties of strength and hardness. During this time, to keep the surface area moist. Keeping the cement under controlled conditions during curing is important because any disruption to the process will result in tensile stresses that lead to cracking. Proper curing, and proper hydration during the process results in a superior finished product. The effects of curing are primarily a function of geometry (the relation between exposed surface area and volume), the permeability of the concrete, curing time, and curing history. If you want to avoid cracks, scaling, and reduced abrasion resistance, give the concrete the time and proper conditions needed for proper curing. It is only a little more effort for a superior result. Good luck with your project!
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