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Connie McCune
Connie McCune and her husband Roger McCune are owners of Candy Bouquet and Candy Connection. Both have completed Candy Bouquet International training courses and are bouquet designers. In addition to Candy Bouquet International, they operate Candy Connection which is a “modern retro” candy store. ”Like” Candy Connection on Facebook.
Candy, Chocolate & Sweets
2012-08-01 15:05:20
What are types of fudge?
A- Yes, there are many different variations on the old favorite, which only gives us fudge fanatics that much more to love. While most people think of fudge as the chocolately confection we all know and love, fudge actually comes in many forms, and some of them do not contain any cocoa at all. In fact, there is fudge in almost every flavor imaginable. Even if you are not a big fan of chocolate, you can still find a fudge that suits your taste. Here are a few of the most popular available today: Vanilla For those that love the texture of fudge but want something other than chocolate, Vanilla Fudge is a mouthwatering choice. Great alone, or with add-ins like nuts, this type of fudge is almost as popular as chocolate! Tiger Butter If you love vanilla fudge and want something a bit more Tiger Butter is just the thing. It is a layer of real peanut butter between two layers of vanilla fudge. Think of it as the super indulgent version of the peanut butter cup. Strawberry Cheesecake What could be better than white fudge made with real cream cheese with swirls of strawberry mixed in? This one tastes just like strawberry cheesecake, but even better. Rocky Road Rocky Road Fudge leaves nothing to be desired. It is a delicious treat of chocolate fudge filled with marshmallows an pecans. Peanut Butter Similar to the Tiger Butter, peanut butter fudge is a vanilla fudge with lots of fresh peanut butter swirled throughout. The swirled effect gives the whole fudge an entirely different feel and flavor. Pumpkin Pie Most popular around the holidays, this fudge is a creamy treat made with real pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices. Banana Pudding What do you get when you cross comfort food with indulgent treat? Banana Pudding Fudge! It is made of creamy vanilla fudge flavored with banana and filled with bits of vanilla wafers. Today, fudge has really gone well beyond what you have always considered as fudge. While purists might argue that a true fudge must contain cocoa, these newer variations are so good they deserve a pass anyway. After all, exotic and adventurous flavors like Jalapeño fudge deserves a place in fudge favorites.
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