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Brent Boyd
Brent Boyd is the Manager for the Love Box Factory Outlet on East Central in Wichita. The Love Box Factory Outlets have been in the box, pack, and ship business for over ten years and currently operate six retail stores in Kansas and Oklahoma. The Outlet Stores are owned and supplied by Love Box Company (www.lovebox.com), a locally owned manufacturer of corrugated boxes and packaging systems in Wichita for over 70 years. You may contact Brent at the Love Box Factory Outlet at 6100 E. Central in Wichita. The phone number is (316) 689-8484 and the store's email address is FOEast@lovebox.com
Packing, Shipping & Mailing
2002-12-01 09:46:00
Always keep the box
ANSWER: Hopefully you have kept the box, the vase, chip and all of the packaging.  This is important when filing a claim, especially when the declared value (amount the item was insured for) exceeds $100.  Look at the shipping label to determine who delivered it to you.  Most likely it was UPS, FedEx, Airborne Express or the US Postal Service.  The claims process for each of these carriers is similar.   Did your sister take the vase to a "pack and ship" store to utilize their packaging and shipping services?  If she did, then she paid that store to pack it to the safe packaging standards established by all carriers.  Part of the service she paid for was for that store to handle the damage claim process.  If she paid for $300 worth of insurance to the store, they assume the liability to pay the claim if denied by the carrier for insufficient packaging.  If your sister packaged the vase herself and did not pack it with at least two inches of packaging materials surrounding the vase, it would not be worth your time to file a claim.   It would most likely be denied for insufficient packaging.  Sufficient packaging consists of 2 inches of bubble wrap or foam.  Most carriers do not consider packing peanuts as adequate since they do not prevent fragile items from shifting towards the edge of the shipping box.  Regardless of who packed the vase, claims for items insured for more than $100 (or $200 with Airborne) require an inspection by the carrier.  Whoever packs the box is typically the one who will make the initial contact with the carrier to initiate the claims process. UPS, FedEx, and Airborne Express will pick up the damaged item and packaging within 5-10 days to determine if the damage was caused by them or inadequate packaging.  If the package was sent via the US Postal Service (USPS), you would be required to take the entire contents of the damaged package to your local Post Office for inspection.If the carrier will pay the claim, you will need to provide them with a "proof of value". The carrier then sends a check within two to four weeks reimbursing the claim initiator of the shipping charges and pays the lower of the repair cost, declared value, or replacement value.
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