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Jeff Chester
Jeff Chester is president and owner of ACT Inc. Advance Catastrophe Technologies Incorporated. Jeff has written training materials and procedures pertaining to the many facets of restoration including mold, fire, water, and smoke damage. Jeff is a member of The Association of Specialists in Cleaning and Restoration, Inc., The National Institute of Disaster Restoration, The Mechanical Systems Hygiene Institute and The Water Loss Institute. Jeff can be contacted at his office at (316) 262-9992 or you can e-mail him at act@actcat.com
Carpet Cleaning & Restoration
2002-12-01 10:08:00
ANSWER: The smell of a "thunderstorm" you mentioned is the smell of ozone being produced through electric discharge. The health effects of concentrated ozone exposure to people and pets have been debated over the years. We do not recommend long term exposure.  For many years ozone has been used as an effective deodorizer in the fire restoration industry. Over the past few years, experimentation with concentrations and use of ozone as a possible chemical-free process for microbial mitigation has been attempted with varying degrees of success. To date there has not been conclusive evidence that ozone or ionizers kill mold and mildew.
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