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Mike Davied
Mike Davied is the owner & operator of Mikes Repair & Fabrication LLC located in Frontenac, KS. He has been repairing equipment for 40 years and has ran his own business for 20 years. For more information or to contact Mike please call 620-235-0061.
2012-10-03 08:52:22
Should I send equipment to the manufacturer or to the repair shop?
A- Unless under warranty, repairs made in the field, or on site are almost always quicker, and cheaper than dealer shop repairs. Most dealers are required by FACTORY rules to charge set amounts, use only factory authorized new parts, and are bound by factory procedures. This is a good thing as quality is always the number one reason to go with the brand. However, on occasion, individual repair technicians are able to affect repairs on a more cost effective basis when allowed to do so. This is on account of parts being discontinued due to factory obsolescence (or other rules that dealer mechanics are bound to) including many rules that don't allow certain operations to be performed on an individual’s property, especially on older machines. On a one to one basis most independent repair technicians are allowed to repair multiple brands and types of equipment. Unlike dealer trained mechanics, many are able to repair tractor "A" pulling machine "J" which will allow you to save money instead of calling multiple dealers. Some are even able to do scheduled maintenance & emergency repairs at a moment’s notice, without the delay of a dealer’s rigorous time constraints. Some of the better non dealer shops offer factory trained techs and often factory or dealer warranties on their work & parts. This is without the dealer requirements on account of their ability to control their quality at a substantial savings to you the Customer. Often times most repair shops are able to work around YOUR schedule and save you time in your busy seasons, and just like dealers we like to cultivate a following of loyal customers.
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