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Nate Evans
Nate Evans is a 4th generation owner and operator of Evans Motors located in Pittsburg and Girard. Evans Motors has been in business and serving the area since 1935. For more information call 1-888-414-3890 or visit www.evansmotors.net.
Cars, Trucks, Vans & Automotive
2012-11-07 11:28:36
What accessories should I think about for a family vehicle?
A- You are right, the number of options for vehicles seems to increase every year, and many of them are particularly helpful if you have a family. Here is a run down of a few, whether they are “Safety” accessories, or simply luxury options. Safety accessories or options that parents are finding very useful are reverse cameras and alarm systems that sound if the car has a potential of hitting something. These are great in parking lots and driveways, especially if you have hard to see toddlers. Automatic running boards can be both a safety option and luxury. These running boards deploy when you need them, then tuck away under the vehicle while it is in operation. They are, of course, very useful in getting little ones in and out of the vehicle, as well as providing a stable “step” for drivers and passengers entering and exiting the vehicle. For those that still frown on the mini-van, the mini-van is quickly being looked at as more than just a “parent” vehicle. With all the new technology and different options, I’ve had some that hated the thought of test driving a mini-van say they’d prefer it to the SUV they bought, if they’d only have given the mini-van a chance. Automatic sliding doors have been a great option for parents toting kids. With the press of a button the sliding doors will open and shut, making loading and unloading children a breeze. Another option that makes the "must have" list is the DVD player. Particularly if you are a family that does a lot of commute time or traveling. DVD players can be a real sanity saver, just ask those parents that have the DVD player as a luxury option. Children (and adults for that matter) love being able to watch their favorite movie while commuting. For parents juggling work and family, or ones that just love to stay connected, the easy to read Uconnect feature option on Chrysler vehicles is a favorite navigation and technology hub.
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