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Bill Emmerling
Bill Emmerling operates 'the Rescue Tech' out of the Homer Cole Community Center at 3003 N. Joplin, Pittsburg. A 'CompTIA A+' and 'Network+' certified technician, Bill has serviced computers since the 1980s in a variety of environments including homes, schools, offices and retail operations for over 20 years. Bill may be reached at info@the-Rescue-Tech.com or by phone at 620-308-6448.
2012-11-09 08:19:22
Choosing a new mobile device
A- Choosing a mobile device today can be a challenging decision, with the numerous brands, operating systems, and features. Before you begin, you should determine your needs, expectations and budget. Do you require specific software? Will you be primarily producing documents and content? Or will you primarily be accessing content produced by others? Is it important to connect to keyboards, monitors, etc. using standard computer connections? Will it be important to integrate this device with an existing office environment? With many ‘flavors’ of laptops, tablets and smart-phones available and rapidly changing options, this can be a difficult decision. Often this decision comes to personal preference. Because Windows has 80+% of the PC market, I have chosen to use the Windows-based Fujitsu Stylistic Slate Tablet PC. This allows me to work and be compatible with the majority of the people and businesses with whom I work. Further, my tablet comes with USB, VGA (monitor) ports, network jack, SD slot, as well as media jacks. With a large battery, I can get up to 7 hours of productive operating time (longer if I swap batteries). Fujitsu tablets are built to military test specifications. In the office, I dock my tablet at my desk with a keyboard, trackball, and a second monitor and use it as a high production workstation. In all, I have been highly satisfied with this product. I have seen other Windows-based products, as well as Android and Apple products work with success as well. Each brand offers unique features and limitations, so take time in the choosing and enjoy your purchase once you make your decision.
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