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Mike Davied
Mike Davied is the owner & operator of Mikes Repair & Fabrication LLC located in Frontenac, KS. He has been repairing equipment for 40 years and has ran his own business for 20 years. For more information or to contact Mike please call 620-235-0061.
2012-11-19 11:37:39
Four reader questions answered
A- Most heavy equipment and diesel truck engines have engine oil coolers that circulate engine coolant and engine oil inside them to keep the oil at the proper temperature. As the engine oil is under higher pressure inside the cooler than the anti-freeze mixture is, whenever a leak occurs the oil goes into the radiator. So repair the engine oil cooler and flush out the cooling system to remove the oil, replace with fresh coolant and then change the engine oil and filters. Q2: My off road diesel machinery has recently begun to clog fuel filters almost daily. The filters seem to be full of a slimy black gunk, and it is in all my fuel tanks too, is it possible that someone is dumping something into my tanks? A: No, you probably have an algae problem, and once it starts in a fuel tank it is transferred to every machine you fuel from that tank. Ask your fuel supplier to check your tanks with you and they can help to treat the problem. There are several good fuel additives for this problem, but some are poison so be cautious in their use, after treatment change the fuel filters, as usual, and be careful where you get that next load of "cheap" fuel. Q3: Today the front loader on my tractor wouldn't lift but the bucket worked as it should, then when I hooked it to my field cultivator it worked correctly, what's up? A: The piston seals on the loader lift cylinders are leaking, so no oil is leaking on the ground, but it is by-passing inside the lift cylinders. These parts are easily repaired, and your loader will soon be as good as new. Q4: Last time I used my tractor as I parked it the lights seemed to be dim and then today it wouldn't start, I'd like your opinion. A: Check over the charging system and don't forget to check the battery and all connections, as they take a beating on low voltage situations as it sounds like you have, good luck. Thanks to ALL the readers for your questions, keep them coming, and a Merry Christmas to Ya'll!
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