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Hillary Houston
Hillary Houston, 2005 PSU graduate, MBA program. Resides in Frontenac with my two boys Logan and Peyton. Employed with New Hope Services since 2008 as the Assistant Program Director.
2013-01-02 15:04:24
What are the most earth and community friendly gift ideas?
A-Good for you! Supporting the community is so important, and I love to see the shift to a more community centric society. I am sure there are many ways we can support local businesses, first by shopping locally. While it is hard to find completely American made products, it is still possible to buy and support your three points. It might take a little more research at first, but once you know where to find what you need, it is easy to develop a new pattern of consumerism. First, I would try to confine my shopping to one geographic area as much as possible. I realize we are a bit spread out, but it can be done. Then I would consider finding vendors selling local goods. This supports both the local economy and the environment. Another thing I would strongly recommend is buying reclaimed and remade items. This supports local artisans as well as a green philosophy. For example, the consumers at EOC take salvaged furniture, fix it, paint and restore it, giving it a beautiful second life. The items are then sold, providing the workers with training and an income which they then enjoy spending on other local businesses. The goods make wonderful gifts and provide years of use. Changing our buying habits is not easy, but when you see the positive effect it has on our community it makes any effort more than worthwhile. Thank you for thinking of community.
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