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Jerod Norris
Jerod Norris has resided in Southeast Kansas his entire life, growing up in Girard and graduating from Pittsburg State University. He has brought together and published in the print media industry for 5 years. He believes that local business owners are experts in their field and finds it very interesting in sharing their knowledge within custom publications. For more information or to become a part of the SE Kansas Q&A Times Journal, please call 620-249-7462 or email jnorris@chartmarketing.com.
From the Publisher
2013-02-01 08:36:22
Never let a crisis go to waste???
Did you know that the SE Kansas Q&A Times Journal has been publishing for nearly 4 years?! Yes, that’s a fact! Special thanks to everyone who has read our publication and continues to read our publication. Please let our advertisers and contributors know you saw them here. They make this thing go ‘round.’ This month, I’m going to bring up a subject that may or may not offend you. I am never anxious to offend anyone, but I do…like you…have an opinion on many things. I just don’t get a chance to voice it that often. You may even share my thoughts. If you do or if you do not, that is fine, but I need to voice it this time on what I am observing. Why is it that while these tragic mass shootings seem to be occurring more and more, the majority of us, who are responsible and law-abiding citizens, continue to lose our freedoms? And…we are potentially being forced to lessen our own protection of ourselves and our families? When will we wake up as a country and realize our freedoms are ever so swiftly being taken away. It should scare the heck out of each of us, REGARDLESS of your political views or social circles. It should scare those who are parents, the way that some in this country seem to continually eek away and claw away at our constitutional rights. No, this article isn’t solely about “guns.” It is about all of our freedoms. What will this world hold for our children in 10, 15, and 20 years? As a parent of three, I am and will always be deeply (deeply) saddened by these tragedies. But these tragedies have happened and will continue to happen, as they have throughout our history. When the people in Washington who are protected by their own armed guards continue to take protection away from us law-abiding citizens, how will criminals be detoured? They already have an easy access to these weapons (some of which are already banned). Statistically they won’t and we will continue to be weakened as a country. Maybe this is what they want? My war-veteran grandfather is rolling over in his grave.
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