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Heather L. Horton
Heather L Horton is the owner of Sweet Designs Cakery in Pittsburg, KS. With many years experience in the kitchen combined with a bachelors degree in Fine Art and a Masters Degree in Communication, Heather and her team are more than qualified to create the best Classic and Contemporary confections out there on the market! Voted Best Bakery in the 4States Area Sweet Designs Cakery is heading full steam into their fifth year of business and continues to have fresh and exciting ideas in their field. Whether you want to walk in and just grab a treat on the go, or order a custom cake for any of your special occasions Heather and her staff can help you out. Open Tuesday - Saturday, Sweet Designs Cakery can be reached at 620-231-2253 or at www.SweetDesignsCakery.com and on Face Book!
Candy, Chocolate & Sweets
2013-03-01 14:16:39
Cake ideas and tips for 2013! Part 2
A: Last month we discussed several ideas and themes that will help you in the process of getting the most out of your cake and its design. Another idea is to opt for a more traditional white, elegant wedding cake as the center piece and have two side cakes (similar to what a groom's cake would be) to represent each couple. These side cakes can be 3D cakes. Just because they are 3D doesn't mean they have to be large. You can have a very cool "show stopping" small cake too. No matter the size 3D/Sculpted cakes tend to have a big impact. For instance maybe one couple is really into sports together. Their cake could be a football field or a 3D rendition of their favorite mascot. Or if they don't agree on the same teams perhaps those mascots are arm wrestling on the field? That would be a cake to remember! The other couple could be into wine and food so their cake could be a wine and cheese themed 3D cake like in the picture here. No matter what direction you decide to go there are lots of different ways to make a dual wedding work. The most important things to remember are: PLAN AHEAD (for you and your baker) and HAVE FUN! With all the planning involved most people worry about the details so much that they lose sight of the reason behind the event. You're only doing this once and you have to live with the people around you for the rest of your life, so be sure and enjoy this time that you have together. Have fun with it. The sky is the limit for ideas!
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