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Shellie Blevens
Shellie Blevens has 17 years of experience in the window covering and decorating field. She may be reached at 620-231-5440 for a free consultation. The Home Place at 616 N. Broadway is a full line Hunter Douglas dealer and appointments can be made to meet with Shellie Blevens, the owner and professional decorator to determine what would work best for you. They also carry custom window treatments by Graber and Comfortex. Custom made fabric beddings and window treatments can also be made at the Home Place, and there are many, many fabrics to choose from. The Home Place has been in business since 1983 and Shellie Blevens has owned it since 1996.
Home Decorating
2013-03-01 14:33:23
What are the most helpful spring cleaning and organizing tips?
A-Spring is the perfect time to reinvent your space without spending a ton of money. All you need to do is use a few tricks of the trade from design and organizing experts and you will have a home fit for the cover of a magazine! First, do a quick purge of anything you have not used in the last five years (or less if you are feeling especially ambitious). Start by getting three containers for categorizing things as trash, sell, and move. Be brutal with yourself and only keep what you really need. You can have a yard sale or list your unwanted items on social sites and reinvest what you make on your décor. Once you have removed all of your unwanted items, organize what is left. Make sure you have a place for everything. If you need to invest, invest in organizing tools before anything else. This will help highlight your design once you are done. Once all of your items are away and organized, look at the foundation of design and what pieces you already own (as this is what you will be working with to give your home décor that lift you mentioned). Try moving the furniture around in different configurations. If you need ideas, look online or at home design magazines and see how the experts arrange items. Even if you are tired of seeing the same old pieces or colors, do not be discouraged. The best thing about design is that you can transform the mundane with color and patterns until you have something that you find exciting. Take a picture of the fabric and color of your pieces and keep them handy. Then, add pieces that bring in a fresh spring feel. A budget never has to hamper design. Just be creative and borrow ideas from others that have designed on a dime. In fact, you can find plenty of ideas on social sites like Pinterest or on blogs. So set yourself free and enjoy the new start of spring!
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