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Shellie Blevens
Shellie Blevens has 17 years of experience in the window covering and decorating field. She may be reached at 620-231-5440 for a free consultation. The Home Place at 616 N. Broadway is a full line Hunter Douglas dealer and appointments can be made to meet with Shellie Blevens, the owner and professional decorator to determine what would work best for you. They also carry custom window treatments by Graber and Comfortex. Custom made fabric beddings and window treatments can also be made at the Home Place, and there are many, many fabrics to choose from. The Home Place has been in business since 1983 and Shellie Blevens has owned it since 1996.
Home Decorating
2013-03-25 16:01:34
How can I bring spring into my home?
A-Yes it is. In fact, oddly shaped windows are, well, oddly popular and the market is responding with creative and clever solutions. First, while the window shapes may be odd, they are design elements. You will want to try coverings that fit the shape of the window, rather than camouflage them with another shape. Curtains are sometimes an option, but since you mentioned blinds I will address them primarily. No matter how weirdly shaped the window, chances are good that there is a window treatment solution perfectly suited for it. Most companies specializing in window blinds and other treatments have seen it all, from the half arch to the trapezoid. Even the most complex shapes will not stump them. New technologies and materials have made custom fitting fast, easy, and most importantly, affordable. You also have many options in types, or styles including cellular, pleated, wood, shutters, and Roman shades. Before you decide on a treatment though, consider which application fits the need. It may be that you do not even need to cover all of the windows, which makes the option of custom blinds even more attractive. For example, consider just how high the window is, whether people can see through, and the amount of sun it lets in. If the window really does not present any problems in these areas leaving it uncovered might be an option. If you have questions, it might be worth having a designer look at the windows and show you what options work well on your particular windows.
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