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M King aka Hunter
M. King, aka Hunter owns and operates Problem Solvers investigations and protection service. Problem Solvers opened in May of 2002. M. King is a U.S. Military Veteran/Veteran Security Officer and Private Detective. He is also an experienced martial artist and unarmed combat practitioner in 8 different styles and arts. M. King uses his personal and professional life’s experiences to teach ‘Street Smarts’ classes, investigate client cases and protect his clients. During an investigation case, the client asked, “Why does this team demonstrate such persistence in finding the facts or locating the suspect? This team is like a bunch of hunters!” The client was told that indeed the team does enjoy hunting (wildlife) and that hunting alleged suspects is pretty much the same thing. Thus, the origination of the name Hunter. The title has stuck, and is considered a compliment from a satisfied customer. Hunter can be contacted 24 hours-a-day at (316) 263-2239 or by fax (316) 269-3427.
Private Investigation & Security
2003-02-01 11:55:00
ANSWER:  According to Ballentine's Law Dictionary sexual assault is defined as "the act of taking liberties of a sexual nature without the consent of the other person and is gender neutral."  Sexual assault is also called indecent assault/rape/molestation and other terms based upon the local jurisdiction.  By legal definition sexual assault is a broad term which may or may not involve physical contact.  Saying to someone "you have nice breasts", or saying "you look good, let's have sex", can be construed as sexual assault. The physical act itself is not open to interpretation.   Forceful intercourse (rape) and fondling are clearly sexual assault.Contrary to popular thought and belief, sexual assault is not an act of sex.  It is the act of "who's in charge, who's tougher and more dominant".  Simply put, sexual assault is the same thing as a person pointing a loaded gun at someone who is unarmed.  The power of life and death rests with a single movement.  To victims of this act… it is the same.QUESTION:  How often does sexual assault occur?ANSWER:  Sadly and horribly over 300 sexual assaults will have occurred by the time it takes to read this article.  The worst part is that most will not be reported nor will the assailants ever face justice in a court of law.  True numbers of victims may never be known as the vast majority of sexual assaults go unreported.  Instead… the victim remains silent.  Shame, guilt, "you asked for it", threats, intimidation of retaliation by the assailant and even family members, as well as the horror of the event keep many victims silent.Yes, family members sometimes play a major part in keeping the victim from reporting this crime.  Parents, spouses and friends have played a part in allowing many assailants to go free, and allowing them to strike again. Assault must be reported.QUESTION:  Who is most at risk?                                 ANSWER:  Everyone is at risk of being a victim of sexual assault.  The majority of victims are the elderly, children, singles, women, feeble and the disabled .  This translates into the fact that the majority of victims and those at most risk of sexual assault are the weak or those most apt to put up the least amount of resistance and those less able to defend themselves or defend their loved ones.  Seldom does sexual assault happen to someone who has the means and ability to resist either by physical means, training or mental preparedness.  These characteristics can be changed, which in turn reduces the chance of being a sexual assault victim. Self defense classes… prevention classes and other methods exist.  Use them.  The bottom line is… nobody deserves or asks to be a victim of sexual assault.  
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