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Jerod Norris
Jerod Norris has resided in Southeast Kansas his entire life, growing up in Girard and graduating from Pittsburg State University. He has brought together and published in the print media industry for 5 years. He believes that local business owners are experts in their field and finds it very interesting in sharing their knowledge within custom publications. For more information or to become a part of the SE Kansas Q&A Times Journal, please call 620-249-7462 or email jnorris@chartmarketing.com.
From the Publisher
2013-04-29 15:14:22
From the publisher
First things first, our thoughts and prayers are with those directly affected by the Boston bombing. It affects us all as a Nation, but I certainly couldn’t imagine going through what they all went through. Being at the Boston Marathon, an event with so much joy, hard work and charity, just to have it end with such a cowardly act of terror. I will not give, nor do I think we need to give it as much publicity that media outlets have. Let’s report the facts, reduce the fat (all the rumors, backtracking, guessing, etc) and just report. (I saw one news channel basically showing viewers how to make a pressure cooker bomb. My hand instantly smacked my forehead.) That being said, prayers to all involved and to those that protect our country. May is here and as we head into another Summer season, the Q&A Times would like introductions to businesses or business owners actively seeking to promote themselves in the following industries: Construction, Heating & Air, Lumber Yard, Pool & Spa, Roofing, Golf Course, BBQ or catering Restaurants, and any other spring/summer related professions. I would enjoy visiting with them and learning about their industry. We may have something special for them. My contact information is 620-249-7462 or jnorris@chartmarketing.com. It’s going to be a great season! Thank you for reading.
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