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Heather L. Horton
Heather L Horton is the owner of Sweet Designs Cakery in Pittsburg, KS. With many years experience in the kitchen combined with a bachelors degree in Fine Art and a Masters Degree in Communication, Heather and her team are more than qualified to create the best Classic and Contemporary confections out there on the market! Voted Best Bakery in the 4States Area Sweet Designs Cakery is heading full steam into their fifth year of business and continues to have fresh and exciting ideas in their field. Whether you want to walk in and just grab a treat on the go, or order a custom cake for any of your special occasions Heather and her staff can help you out. Open Tuesday - Saturday, Sweet Designs Cakery can be reached at 620-231-2253 or at www.SweetDesignsCakery.com and on Face Book!
Candy, Chocolate & Sweets
2013-04-30 08:54:37
The great confection debate: fondant vs. butter cream Part 2
A-Last month we discussed the differences between fondant and buttercream. This month we’ll get more in-depth on the uses of each. Both Fondant and Buttercream have their purpose in the cake decorating world. Many people prefer buttercream over fondant because fondant has a chewy texture. This is true, however some decorating styles must use fondant to get the desired look. Many modern and more fashionable cakes use fondant because it has an incredibly smooth finish if used correctly and can also mimic textures, fabrics and fashions. Buttercream has its limits when it comes to decoration. If you wanted to mimic burlap, for example, on a western themed cake you would have a hard time doing this using Buttercream. However, by using fondant the task is much easier. This issue goes both ways. If your goal is to have a rich, elaborately decorated cake with lots of piping and string work this is much easier done using buttercream or royal icing instead of having to roll out lots and lots of tiny fondant strings, you can use a piping bag and just pipe on the decorations by hand. Everyone has their own opinion about fondant and buttercream. Each bakery is different. So, don’t judge one the same as the other before you sample theirs. Not all icings are the same across the board. If they make their own fondant you can almost guarantee it is going to taste better than store bought kind. You’ll never know unless you ask! Try both for yourself and see which you prefer. No matter which icing you prefer and why, keep in mind that both take time to decorate with. Give your baker enough notice to make your cake and always plan ahead!
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