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Jerod Norris
Jerod Norris has resided in Southeast Kansas his entire life, growing up in Girard and graduating from Pittsburg State University. He has brought together and published in the print media industry for 5 years. He believes that local business owners are experts in their field and finds it very interesting in sharing their knowledge within custom publications. For more information or to become a part of the SE Kansas Q&A Times Journal, please call 620-249-7462 or email jnorris@chartmarketing.com.
From the Publisher
2013-06-25 09:17:07
From the Publisher
Please read this if you’ve ever picked up our paper: I want to thank each and every one of you out there whom have picked up this publication, read, advertised or contributed to it over the last 4 plus years. I think a lot of people have been very surprised by how much print media is very much still alive. Our advertisers are a testimonial to this (many of them can’t believe how many people READ our publications, until they participate and experience it themselves). When you put your heart into something, work hard to develop something, use your own fuel, tires and mileage on a beat up old Honda Accord to make something you believe in, it is extremely gratifying to see that so many people like and enjoy what you’ve worked so hard to produce. Or heck, even those that don’t like it for that matter. They have obviously still taken the time to read it, as they have every right to do, and we appreciate it. As we celebrate yet another Independence Day, I wanted to let you know how much this journey has meant to me. How much our advertisers mean to me, our readers, writers, staff, my wife and kids for letting me do this, the owner Charlie...everything. Even through chasing all the ad artwork, articles, photos, topics, proofing and reproofing, it’s certainly a special feeling to be doing something you love to do. For that, I sincerely thank all of you. Until next time... Jerod Norris Publisher
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