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Shellie Blevens
Shellie Blevens has 17 years of experience in the window covering and decorating field. She may be reached at 620-231-5440 for a free consultation. The Home Place at 616 N. Broadway is a full line Hunter Douglas dealer and appointments can be made to meet with Shellie Blevens, the owner and professional decorator to determine what would work best for you. They also carry custom window treatments by Graber and Comfortex. Custom made fabric beddings and window treatments can also be made at the Home Place, and there are many, many fabrics to choose from. The Home Place has been in business since 1983 and Shellie Blevens has owned it since 1996.
Home Decorating
2013-06-25 09:43:23
What is a hot trend in design?
A-For those who love following home decor trends, one of the most recent is not only a revival of a favorite, but one that is easily incorporated into almost any other design in some way. Right now, metals are HOT, with rustic brass leading the charge. Designers love the rich gleam and sculptural weight brass adds to design. You will see more brass elements popping up all over, from richly designed staircase railings to accent pieces. The advantage of this trend to the average homeowner designer is that it is easily and affordably implemented. You do not need to tear down everything you have already done (unless you want to, of course). All you need to do is add a few selective pieces that will highlight this popular trend. If you want to get your toes wet a bit before jumping all in, try adding a few elements here and there. Try a dramatic brass lighting fixture which could be a salvage piece from the past and revamp it into something awesome. Other interesting choices might be candlesticks or holders, or bookends. Take a quick look around your home. Chances are good that there are already places you could add a dash of brass to very easily bring that trend into your existing decor. Even if it is worn and tarnished, it will still add a touch of glimmer. Of course, while brass is very popular, we cannot be quick to rule out other metals, which are also very popular. If brass just does not suit you, try another metal. It might be that you prefer iron, for example, or that it just fits well with other elements in your home. Any type of metal can renew a space, if done well. I suggest starting small. Take your time browsing home design stores and looking at magazines. You will get many ideas of what you may want to purchase, possibly repurpose and existing piece you have from the past.
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