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Heather L. Horton
Heather L Horton is the owner of Sweet Designs Cakery in Pittsburg, KS. With many years experience in the kitchen combined with a bachelors degree in Fine Art and a Masters Degree in Communication, Heather and her team are more than qualified to create the best Classic and Contemporary confections out there on the market! Voted Best Bakery in the 4States Area Sweet Designs Cakery is heading full steam into their fifth year of business and continues to have fresh and exciting ideas in their field. Whether you want to walk in and just grab a treat on the go, or order a custom cake for any of your special occasions Heather and her staff can help you out. Open Tuesday - Saturday, Sweet Designs Cakery can be reached at 620-231-2253 or at www.SweetDesignsCakery.com and on Face Book!
Candy, Chocolate & Sweets
2013-06-25 10:06:20
Tips for cutting a cake
A-Cutting a cake should not be a stressful situation. After all, you are only cutting a cake because you have something to celebrate! So, hopefully these tips will take some of the stress out of cake serving so you can spend more time enjoying your celebration! A few items that make cake serving a little easier include: * A Cake =), in whatever shape you like and some space to work. * A cutting knife (serrated is best). * A serving spatula (pie servers work well too). * A clean damp cloth, or paper towels. * A clean dry cloth, or paper towels. * An extra platter to use for cutting on (this isn’t needed but is helpful). * A glass of wine (for those of you worry worts to make the process a little easier. Optional of course). First it is best if you remove any non-edible items from the cake such as toys, plastic picks, dowel rods or pillars and ribbon. If your cake is tiered you should separate each tier by un-stacking. Then, no matter what shape the cake is, put the cake on your serving platter. Even if the cake is an oval or a hexagon you will act like it is square. Begin with the largest tier of cake. Why start there? Well, if there is cake leftover the smaller tiers are easier to store and package. Start at one end of the cake tier, about 2 inches in from the edge. This is for a 4 inch tall cake. Other sizes require different cutting methods. Sheet cakes are cut at about 2 x 2 inch pieces. Cut a straight line across the side of the cake. Next, carefully lay this entire slice on its side onto the platter. Then start cutting 1 inch pieces from this strip of cake. This will give you an industry serving sized slice of cake 1 x 2 x 4. Use the spatula to scoop up each slice of cake to put onto a plate. After each cut of the cake you should wipe off your knife, keeping it clean. By keeping the knife clean you will have more even, cleaner cuts. As a quick measuring reference, bend your thumb, the distance between the bent knuckle and the end of your base nail is about one inch. Don’t be worried about making a mess. After all, it is cake and frosting! If you happen to mess up a slice, or one falls apart, we bet someone out there will eat it and love it! Just try to cut even servings. This will ensure that the amount of cake ordered for the event will be sufficient and that everyone will get the same amount. Now, go to that party with confidence and serve some cake! You will be the hero of the event.
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