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M King aka Hunter
M. King, aka Hunter owns and operates Problem Solvers investigations and protection service. Problem Solvers opened in May of 2002. M. King is a U.S. Military Veteran/Veteran Security Officer and Private Detective. He is also an experienced martial artist and unarmed combat practitioner in 8 different styles and arts. M. King uses his personal and professional life’s experiences to teach ‘Street Smarts’ classes, investigate client cases and protect his clients. During an investigation case, the client asked, “Why does this team demonstrate such persistence in finding the facts or locating the suspect? This team is like a bunch of hunters!” The client was told that indeed the team does enjoy hunting (wildlife) and that hunting alleged suspects is pretty much the same thing. Thus, the origination of the name Hunter. The title has stuck, and is considered a compliment from a satisfied customer. Hunter can be contacted 24 hours-a-day at (316) 263-2239 or by fax (316) 269-3427.
Private Investigation & Security
2003-04-01 11:45:00
Abuse... how do we help?
ANSWER: This question is far more common than the general public realizes. Unfortunately, has no easy answer. First the concerned family member must show compassion and support for the victim. Let your daughter know that help is available through counseling and support groups. Help her understand that she doesn't have to live like this. Reassure her that she is not alone, and that there is no shame in letting the truth be told. What her abuser is doing to her is not love, no matter what she has been told. Most importantly, to protect your daughter's safety, report the suspected abuse to the proper legal authority. The Wichita Police Department, SRS, and the local District Attorney's office will accept the report and protect the reporter's identity. They will investigate. You must provide the authorities with the victim's name, age, physical description, their contact information, and the reason for your suspicions (i.e. bruises or change in behavior...). Be prepared to supply as much information, concerning the suspected abuser, as possible. Document everything that you know about the victim and the suspected abuse. Photos (if possible) or incidents and the dates that they occurred, or you became aware of them. The early signs of abuse may be detected in normal conversation, i.e.: their tone of voice, use of words, attitude, etc. Home videos that have the victim in them can be very useful. You may need to hire a private investigator. Be prepared to testify in court, if necessary.Avoid confronting the suspected assailant with your suspicions. Also, be prepared to face the wrath of the victim by your "interference." The victim may resent you now, but in the long term will understand why you stepped in. To ignore suspected abuse is nearly the same as being the abuser. Report your suspicions; get your daughter the help she needs.
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