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Bobby Lubbers
Bobby Lubbers is owner of Bobby Lubbers Auto Group, a Chevrolet, Pontiac, Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep dealership in Harper, KS. A graduate of Wichita State University, he has been in and around the automotive industry for more than 25 years, and has been nationally recognized by General Motors for exceptional sales and customer satisfaction. You may contact Bobby by phone at (316) 721-1545, or by email at bobby@bobbylubbers.com
Cars, Trucks, Vans & Automotive
2003-04-01 11:53:00
Spongy brakes
ANSWER:  A low brake pedal is definitely cause for concern.  If I were you I would get my car in to the service department as soon as possible.  There are a number of different components involved in the brake system of an automobile, and each is critical.  An improperly functioning brake system can lead to damage to your vehicle or worse, injury to yourself and others.  Whenever you experience any kind of problem or suspect a problem, I strongly encourage a visit to your dealership service department.  Maintenance and repair to your brake system is probably the wisest investment any automobile owner can make, so please have that checked as soon as possible.In answer to your question, a low brake pedal, (often called a soft pedal) can be indicative of a number of problems.  The most likely and inexpensive cause would be low brake fluid.  But make sure that you don't just go and add fluid to the reservoir since you may have some other problem that would be causing the fluid to leak.  A low fluid level condition could be indicative of a leaking master cylinder or leaking brake lines, even low brake pads or shoes and neither of these problems is anything to be trifled with.Depending on the type of vehicle you have and the brake system on your vehicle, your problem sounds similar to a rear brake adjustment problem and possible air in your brake lines.  Regardless, it is crucial that you get your car in to a service department and have this problem corrected. Nothing on your car is more important than the ability to stop and stop safely.  Any good brake service should consist of an entire brake system inspection.  Don't let yourself be taken in by services advertised per axle, as this is an incomplete brake service.  An adequate brake service will consist of inspecting and/or servicing the entire brake system on your vehicle.  Granted, you will not need to replace the brakes on the front and rear of your vehicle at the same time every time, but an adequate and professionally performed brake service should ensure the proper operation of your vehicle and the safety of you and your loved ones.
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