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Jason Baig
Jason Baig, a Wichita native, is the manager for AT&T Wireless' Wichita stores. Jason earned his Master's degree in Business Management from Friends University, where he also earned his undergraduate degree in psychology. You may contact Jason at: AT&T Wireless, 2132 N. Rock Road Ste 104, Wichita, KS 67206, by phone at (316) 636-5800,
2001-10-01 09:51:00
What is third generation?
Answer:  In our wireless world, first generation (1-G) technology refers to analog wireless phone networks. These voice-only networks are not designed to address customers with data needs.  Second generation (2-G) technology ushered in today's era of digital wireless communications. Digital wireless phones working on digital networks, can receive short e-mails*. And many of these phones, can send e-mail messages and accept downloadable ring tones and graphics from the internet.  The future of wireless is Third Generation (3-G) technology.  3-G technology is the next generation of advanced wireless service that will enable high-speed mobile access to an unprecedented world of information. It will bring new functionality - streaming video, downloadable music, graphic presentations of data, video e-mail and high speed access to the Internet -- to wireless devices. Imagine that almost anything you want will be accessible anytime, anywhere, using a wireless device. I would look for the next generation of wireless technology to start coming to our area in the second half of 2002.
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