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M King aka Hunter
M. King, aka Hunter owns and operates Problem Solvers investigations and protection service. Problem Solvers opened in May of 2002. M. King is a U.S. Military Veteran/Veteran Security Officer and Private Detective. He is also an experienced martial artist and unarmed combat practitioner in 8 different styles and arts. M. King uses his personal and professional life’s experiences to teach ‘Street Smarts’ classes, investigate client cases and protect his clients. During an investigation case, the client asked, “Why does this team demonstrate such persistence in finding the facts or locating the suspect? This team is like a bunch of hunters!” The client was told that indeed the team does enjoy hunting (wildlife) and that hunting alleged suspects is pretty much the same thing. Thus, the origination of the name Hunter. The title has stuck, and is considered a compliment from a satisfied customer. Hunter can be contacted 24 hours-a-day at (316) 263-2239 or by fax (316) 269-3427.
Private Investigation & Security
2003-06-01 15:46:00
Staying safe this summer
ANSWER: The reason crime increases during the summer months is due to the fact that folks become careless/complacent and down right foolish in protecting themselves,  their property and families.  With better weather, thoughts of barbecues and family outings in the forefront of peoples minds, the thoughts of protection fade away.  This only makes it easier for the criminal element to strike.   The criminal element knows this and waits to break in, steal or mug.  They know that in the hustle and bustle of getting ready to go to the lake, people forget simple basic things such as: turning on light timers, locking garages, stopping mail delivery, asking the neighbors to keep an eye on the property and other things.   People also forget to keep themselves safe. They forget or overlook basic tactics.  Carrying wallets in the front pockets, locking car doors while in the auto, using the buddy system while in clubs and other public places, and other simple common sense preventative tactics.   People need to practice the same deterrent measures in the summer as they do in the winter.  Carelessness equals opportunity which equals VICTIM.   SLOW DOWN AND THINK.  That is the best way to stay safe all year long.  Under the law a crime can only be committed if 3 elements exist: means, motive and opportunity. People can't remove means or motive, yet they can remove opportunity.   The economy and high unemployment only breeds the criminal element. With the stress of trying to feed families and pay bills, to some, crime is tempting.  Desperate times call for desperate measures. DON'T BECOME A CRIMINAL.  HELP IS AVAILABLE.   In a final thought, always practice safety all year long. Slow down and think. Use the light timers, form a neighborhood watch, lock doors, put away tools, keep the shrubs trimmed low, etc.  Do this all year long.  Also, if in doubt, take a crime prevention class and learn from experts in the business. Don’t become a victim because you’re not thinking.
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