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M King aka Hunter
M. King, aka Hunter owns and operates Problem Solvers investigations and protection service. Problem Solvers opened in May of 2002. M. King is a U.S. Military Veteran/Veteran Security Officer and Private Detective. He is also an experienced martial artist and unarmed combat practitioner in 8 different styles and arts. M. King uses his personal and professional life’s experiences to teach ‘Street Smarts’ classes, investigate client cases and protect his clients. During an investigation case, the client asked, “Why does this team demonstrate such persistence in finding the facts or locating the suspect? This team is like a bunch of hunters!” The client was told that indeed the team does enjoy hunting (wildlife) and that hunting alleged suspects is pretty much the same thing. Thus, the origination of the name Hunter. The title has stuck, and is considered a compliment from a satisfied customer. Hunter can be contacted 24 hours-a-day at (316) 263-2239 or by fax (316) 269-3427.
Private Investigation & Security
2003-08-01 11:28:00
Am I liable?
ANSWER: First, many laws and statutes define the violence or force used.  The laws governing self-defense clearly state that everyone has the right to defend themselves from harm by the use of force and the victim will not be held liable if the attacker becomes injured.   Secondly, as part of their licensing requirements, all private security firms and private investigators must carry insurance that covers personal injury.  This insurance covers the firm or employee in the event that someone gets injured while the agent is working.   Thirdly, most of the liability issue is based upon the signed contract between the bodyguard and the client.  Many contracts state that the bodyguard’s insurance will cover all injuries.  Others may state that the client is liable - it just depends on how the contract is worded.  I recommend that all clients consult with a reputable attorney who is familiar with these laws BEFORE signing the contract.   When hiring a bodyguard, it is always a good idea to research the person or firm ahead of time.  Insurance and licensing are the most important items that must be checked and verified.  Also, ask for proof of any special training they may have (i.e. self-defense classes, private security training, first aid/CPR training, etc.)  Don’t count on a good bodyguard to give you references.  Most will keep their past client cases confidential.  Instead, ask questions and follow your impressions of the person or persons who may be protecting you or providing service.   Good Luck!
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