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Susan Friend
Susan Friend is Owner/Operator of Between Friends, a specialty gift boutique for 4 years. After graduating from WSU with a major in Sociology, Susan worked for Senior Services in Wichita with the Meals on Wheels program. Susan and her husband, Jason Stuhlsatz share their home with their "kids", two Collies; Jenny Lee and Cleo. You can contact Susan @ (316) 685-2240 or @ 8336 E 21st St. Siute 600.
Specialty Gifts
2003-09-01 15:42:00
Too tired to cook?
ANSWER: Pioneer women had no modern conveniences: no electricity, no grocery store, no shopping centers or super stores. She doctored her family, sewed most of their clothing, cooked three meals a day, and often helped in the fields to boot. She worked from sun-up to sundown.    Today's women have it made, right? Today's women have microwaves, freezers full of pre-packaged dinners, and labor-saving appliances. But, life is probably more hectic for women now than any other time in history. She still doctors the minor ailments of her family, does countless loads of laundry, and finds time for her children's activities even though she may be the head of a corporation, own her own business or have a demanding career which controls her time and attention, not to mention adds to her stress.   It's been said,  "behind every good man is a good woman." I believe that behind every good woman is a cookbook! I can't solve your problem, but hopefully I can help with a recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks designed for busy women. As a busy business owner, I've added some suggestions of my own that may just save time and your sanity!
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