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Mike Quick
Mike Quick Curator of Mammals, came to the Sedgwick County Zoo in 1995. He previously worked as the Acting Director/General Curator of Sunset Zoological Park in Manhattan, Kansas, where he spent over ten years, and the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Mike is responsible for the development and management of the mammal collection. He is a member of the American Zoo & Aquarium Association, American Association of Zookeepers and Partners of the Americas.
Animals, Reptiles & Insects
2003-10-01 08:57:00
Safety at the zoo
ANSWER: There is an inherent risk in taking care of dangerous animals in a zoo setting.  Exhibits must be designed and built to contain the animals.  Keepers must be trained in safety procedures and constantly aware of safety in the workplace.  Any mistake in one of these areas can lead to serious injury or even death for the zookeeper and/or the animal.  Training is the most effective means to protect the zoo keeper from an animal attack.  Constantly thinking about safety, securing enclosures, gates, doors, etc. should be on the mind of all zookeepers.  A very important rule of thumb that we always stress is to "count the animals you see, not the ones you don't," which means physically observe the animals in a secure separate location before you enter an enclosure.  Don't assume that because you don't see any animals in the exhibit they must be locked away.  We also provide a personal canister of pepper spray that may give the zoo keeper the seconds they need to escape an animal attack.
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