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Grace Peterson
Grace Peterson is the owner/operator of 40 Winks, The Oak Merchant. Grace has owned the Oak Merchant for 7 years and her family has been in the furniture business for over 50 years throughout Kansas. You can reach Grace at (316) 681-0071 or by email at grace@oakmerchant.com.
2003-10-01 11:56:00
Tell me again....why buy local?
ANSWER: The answer to this question depends a lot on who you are... a local merchant or a large out-of-town concern.  When you buy in your local area you normally will get service after the sale that you will not get when buying out of town.  In some industries, large out of town stores promise the "best price", "best service", and "best selection".  They may very well provide the same, but all too often one finds that after traveling hours and wading through inventory that is found at discount stores everywhere, that the price, service and selection is not what it is 'cracked' up to be.   Local specialty stores can often offer unique one-of-a-kind items other stores do not have or do not have available.  Local sales personnel will likely be more friendly, courteous and helpful, for the simple reason that they know they're going to see you again.  If you buy from an out-of-town large retailer, and have a problem with a wrong delivery, you may have to wait until they have a truck coming back to the area again. Additionally, it's no secret, keeping money circulating locally by buying locally helps the local economy, which most of us are interested in.   There are generally pluses and minuses for every decision.  When they're all tallied on this subject, it's pretty hard to make a case for whybuying out-of-market is better than buying in-market.
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