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Gavin and Kristy Fitzpatrick
Gavin & Kristy Fitzpatrick are owners/operators of Pro-Coaters Inc. located @ 914 Industrial Rd in the industrial park in Augusta, Ks. Pro-Coaters specializes in aircraft/hobby and/or highly technical custom parts. Pro-Coaters has been in business since 1999 and they continue to grow today. The idea for a powder coating business came from Kristy's father Joe Newlon from his experience with painting cars and graphic design. You can reach Pro-coaters @ (316) 775-9292 or by e-mail: ksfks@aol.co
Powder Coating
2003-11-01 15:24:00
Powder Coating
ANSWER: To answer your question lets start with how powder coating works.  Powder coat is dried paint that has been dried and then pulverized into an ultra-fine powder form.  The powder coat is applied by passing the powder through a spray gun, similar to that used with wet paint.  The powder is given a "positive" electric charge while the part to be powder coated is "grounded" or "negative".  When the powder is sprayed it comes out of the gun in a fog like fashion and is attracted to the "negative" part.  A major difference between Wet and Dry paint is the wet paint is blown onto a surface with a lot of pressure and it can cause runs, sags and light spots on the surface.  With the Dry method the surface is sprayed using low pressure causing the fog to be gently pulled to the surface which allows the small cracks and spaces to be filled which leads to a smooth, uniform finish.  Once the metal has been sandblasted you can have just about any metal surface powder coated, it works exceptionally well for lawn furniture and lasts many years.  Some other items that are very popular for powder coating are aircraft parts, car parts, home parts, and other types of lawn & garden pieces. 
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