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Jennifer Greene
2003-11-01 08:07:00
Tell me about Augusta
ANSWER: The junction of the Whitewater & Walnut Rivers in Southern Kansas has always been recognized as a desirable spot, first by the native Americans who made it the location of many tribal camps & pow-wows, then later by the immigrant settlers.    As early as 1856 two towns had been formed in the areas. One city was known as Arizona, the other as Fontanelle.  Some of the land purchasers however discovered the site was located on Osage Indian Territory & couldn't be sold: a fact that dealt a powerful blow to the early settlement of many towns.  Ten years later, the Indians signed a treaty with the Federal Government under which the tribe relinquished a twenty-mile strip of land.     The first immigrants rolled into the broad fertile valleys and clear streams of Butler County in covered wagons after the US Land office was established.  Among those immigrants was our founder, CN James.  He purchased the land for $40 and gave our city his wife's name, Augusta James.     With the coming of the railroad in 1881, over the next three decades Augusta grew and prospered.  It became a bustling center for agriculture and livestock production and by 1904 Augusta was served by two major rail lines: the Frisco and the Santa Fe.   The twentieth century brought important discoveries of oil & gas to Eastern Kansas. Driven by the demand for oil, a group of citizens formed the Augusta Oil, Gas, Mining and Prospecting Co.  In 1904, after several drillings, oil was discovered.  Until recent years, the oil industry played a significant role in developing Augusta. Determined to survive, the City of Augusta has changed & evolved into a quaint, family friendly community. Attracting young & old to our small town atmosphere with the conveniences of a larger community is definitely what makes Augusta a growing community.  Top quality schools & distinct quality of life assets make for a great combination of family, church & community.   Augusta was designated as a 2003 Main Street City.  Preserving our historic properties and bringing the downtown area back to life, will be the goal of Downtown Augusta Inc. over the next 4 or 5 years. Watch us change, again!   Augusta, Kansas…where families are moving and businesses are growing!!
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