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Gavin and Kristy Fitzpatrick
Gavin & Kristy Fitzpatrick are owners/operators of Pro-Coaters Inc. located @ 914 Industrial Rd in the industrial park in Augusta, Ks. Pro-Coaters specializes in aircraft/hobby and/or highly technical custom parts. Pro-Coaters has been in business since 1999 and they continue to grow today. The idea for a powder coating business came from Kristy's father Joe Newlon from his experience with painting cars and graphic design. You can reach Pro-coaters @ (316) 775-9292 or by e-mail: ksfks@aol.co
Powder Coating
2003-12-01 10:27:00
Powder coating vs. spray paint
ANSWER: First, the parts to be powder coated must be removed from the car.  Next, the previous paint must be stripped from each part so that the metal is smooth and clean (if it's new metal, this step is omitted).  The parts are then washed with a special chemical and rinsed to remove any remaining dirt/oil etc.  The parts are then hung on a trolley and dried off in an oven.  The metal must be clean and dry for the powder to adhere properly.  Once powder color has been selected, the parts are now ready to be coated.  They are rolled into a special spray booth where they are grounded and the powder is electrostatically charged and sprayed onto the parts using a special spray gun.  The parts then go back into the oven for curing.  The powder takes around 15-20 minutes to fully cure.  Sometimes a clear top coat is used.  If this is the case, the parts are half cured, rolled back into the booth for the clear coat then back to the oven for a full cure cycle. The advantage of a clear coat is to enhance the durability of the first coat or to add a richness to the initial color.  This entire process results in a decorative, extremely durable finish.  In addition, powder coating is environmentally friendly as there are no fumes released into the air.
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