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Kevin Harp
Kevin Harp is a 1-ACT Approved colon Hydrotherapist and owner/operator of the Natural Healing Center. He has 15 years experience in Alternative Healing and Therapy. Kevin is also a Nutritional Consultant. The Natural Healing Center is located at 125 S. West St. Ste 121 in Wichita. You can contact them by calling (316) 942-0053 to schedule your free consultation.
Articles Written By Kevin Harp
Health & Wellness 1st-August-2004 Colonic irrigation... any proof it works?
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Health & Wellness 1st-June-2004 Feeling bad? What about ‘detox’?
Health & Wellness 1st-April-2004 What causes constipation
Health & Wellness 1st-March-2004 Water... it’s the MOST important
Health & Wellness 1st-January-2004 Colonics and overall health
Health & Wellness 1st-December-2003 Why does food accumulate?
Health & Wellness 1st-November-2003 How do toxins affect the body?
Health & Wellness 1st-October-2003 What is 'Candida'?
Health & Wellness 1st-September-2003 How important is digestion?
Health & Wellness 1st-August-2003 What is 'Internal Detoxification?'
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