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Randy Vickers
Randy Vickers is the owner of Priority Mortgage Corp of Wichita, which opened in Jan. 1989, is the oldest locally owned mortgage company in Wichita. Randy has been in the real state business since 1983 and is a licensed real estate broker as well as a licensed mortgage broker. Priority Mortgage Corp of Wichita KS Lic #1996-0122. Randy can be reached at 316-721-7700
Articles Written By Randy Vickers
Real Estate 1st-April-2008 Real estate forecast for 2008 in Wichita
Real Estate 1st-February-2008 Timing is everything…does that include buying a house?
Real Estate 1st-January-2008 2008 real estate forecast?
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Real Estate 1st-November-2007 Reverse mortgages can be attractive for many
Real Estate 1st-October-2007 What is a short sale, and how does it work?
Real Estate 1st-September-2007 Is it really hard to get home loans now?
Real Estate 1st-August-2007 Loans and new construction
Real Estate 1st-July-2007 Investment or shelter?
Real Estate 1st-June-2007 What is a reverse mortgage? Is it for me?
Real Estate 1st-May-2007 Bank versus mortgage company
Real Estate 1st-April-2007 What is a ‘sub-prime’ loan?
Real Estate 1st-March-2007 The chicken...or the egg?
Real Estate 1st-February-2007 The real estate market for 2007
Real Estate 1st-January-2007 Homes can help pay for expenses
Real Estate 1st-December-2006 Fear of first time home buying
Real Estate 1st-November-2006 How much mortgage can you afford?
Real Estate 1st-October-2006 “I’m happy. Why an appraisal?”
Real Estate 1st-September-2006 Is it time to refinance your ‘arm’?
Real Estate 1st-July-2006 Country dream place - part 2
Real Estate 1st-May-2006 Buy the dream...avoid the nightmare
Real Estate 30th-March-2006 After pre-approval...what’s next?
Real Estate 1st-March-2006 Should I secure my own loan?
Real Estate 29th-December-2005 What is a real estate ‘bubble’?
Real Estate 1st-November-2005 Credit report ‘hiccups’
Real Estate 1st-November-2005 Loans: FHA vs. conventional
Real Estate 1st-October-2005 Is mortgage approval necessary?
Real Estate 1st-September-2005 More on credit report ‘hiccups’…
Real Estate 1st-August-2005 ‘Hiccups’ on credit report?
Real Estate 1st-July-2005 Is a 15-year loan better?
Real Estate 1st-June-2005 How long to process my loan?
Real Estate 31st-December-1969 Want the house - but don’t like the commitment
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