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John Niedens
John Niedens is part owner and one of the systems operators of Texturite, LLC. John has no problem expressing who he believes his favorite teacher to be. It is Marvin, his father. John began at the very young age of 14 in the construction and remodeling business as a framer, pursuing a maintenance and remodeling business of his own when he started high school at Kapaun Mount Carmel. John has had experience in everything from kitchen design to all facets of construction and remodeling. Since his tenure with Texturite, John has created Sahara, Texturite's most popular wall finish. Incorporating neutral colors with texture and sand, Sahara can hide old wallpaper, and turn it into an eye-popping work of art. To find out more about Sahara and all of the Texturite processes, visit www.texturite.com. To contact John, call (316) 210-7800.
Articles Written By John Niedens
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