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Glen Mathis
Glen Mathis has been the co-owner of Mathis Drug Store in Girard since 1983. For more information or to reach Glen, please call 620-724-4313.
Articles Written By Glen Mathis
Health & Medicine 1st-December-2011 Tips for cold & flu season
Health & Medicine 20th-October-2011 Prevention is worth a shot
Health & Medicine 28th-September-2011 Why and when to get the flu shot
Health & Medicine 1st-July-2011 Are herbal medications safe?
Health & Medicine 1st-June-2011 Are herbal medications safe?
Health & Medicine 1st-May-2011 Medications and the sun
Health & Medicine 1st-April-2011 Sudafed…should it be a prescribed med?
Health & Medicine 1st-March-2011 “Expired medications”...not recommended
Health & Medicine 1st-February-2011 New Year’s resolutions...are weight loss supplements safe and do they actually work?
Health & Medicine 1st-December-2010 Drug safety and holiday interactions
Health & Medicine 1st-November-2010 Mistakes in label reading
Health & Medicine 1st-October-2010 Mail order vs. local
Health & Medicine 1st-September-2010 Pharmacist’s input is important too
Health & Medicine 31st-December-1969 Pregnancy & medication - the good, the bad, and the ugly
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