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Dr Laura Morland
Dr. Laura Morland graduated from Kansas State University in 1971 with a doctorate in veterinary medicine. Dr. Morland is very involved in her community. She has four children and two grandchildren. In her spare time she enjoys raising Yorkies, Cairns and Maltese, and being a grandma. Dr. Morland may be reached at 620-724-8054 or visit www.girardanimalhospital.com.
Articles Written By Dr Laura Morland
Animals, Reptiles & Insects 1st-July-2013 What can I do for a dog who is scared of storms?
Animals, Reptiles & Insects 1st-May-2013 Should I worry about ticks this year?
Animals, Reptiles & Insects 1st-April-2013 What care do outdoor cats need?
Animals, Reptiles & Insects 1st-December-2012 How can I keep my pet safe in winter?
Animals, Reptiles & Insects 1st-November-2012 How can I prevent my pets from gaining to much weight?
Pets 1st-August-2012 Why is my dog gaining weight?
Pets 1st-May-2012 Which animals should be vaccinated for rabies?
Pets 1st-April-2012 What is Hunting Dog Hypoglycemia and how should it be treated?
Pets 1st-January-2012 New Year’s resolutions in pet care
Pets 1st-December-2011 Holiday hazards for pets
Pets 20th-October-2011 Why dogs scratch - part 3
Pets 29th-September-2011 Why dogs scratch - part 2
Pets 1st-May-2011 The dangers of fleas and ticks
Pets 1st-April-2011 Heartworm disease
Pets 1st-March-2011 What is laser therapy and can it benefit my pets?
Pets 1st-November-2010 Better health for pet owners
Pets 31st-December-1969 Are bones healthy for dogs?
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